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Dutta Control is the company which has invested nearly 20 years in the development of advanced technology, high quality, innovative products for Pneumatic and Hydraulic applications in various industries. This also includes a few patented products such as FRL 500. The range of our products matches global standards and offers a significant cost advantage.

Dutta Control is looked upon as a reliable partner for undertaking special developments of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and systems. They are made available in India through regional offices and a vast network of nearly 50 dealers and also exported to various countries. Do explore our range and capability to get an assurance of 'simplified technology' which truly 'redefines value'.

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Compact Guided Cylinders
Compact guided air cylinders and guided rod cylinders eliminate rod rotations and increase side-load bearing capabilities.

Hydro-Pneumatic Fluid Transfer Pump
Used to transfer fluid at high discharge with pressure. Ideal for inflammable liquids.

Vertical Swing Cylinder
It is a double acting cylinder. The job gets clamped in the piston push direction.